Two Brothers, Two Socks, One Game

The sock game is an old family game that we have played since we were kids. It is such a simple, fun game that all ages can play.

Spin the spinner to choose an item then race your hand into the sock to 

find it before your opponent.

Team Game


Either split into two teams and each play each other and keep score.​

Or you can compete in a sock race where the sock is passed down along a line of players - the fastest team to find all the pieces wins! 

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Personalise your sock game


Make the sock game unique to your family. There are 4 blank spaces

on the spinner board where you can write in the names of your own

objects. Chuck them in the socks and off you go!

Great on Zoom!


In these challenging times, our game is also top fun played online. 

One person will need to be the spin master and keep scores - and ensure no cheating!! Spin the spinner and off you go! As many households as want to play!


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Simple family game anyone can play

I bought this after playing it round a friend's house last Christmas and it's going to be essential this Christmas! Young children and old adults can play this game. Very simply, you need to pull something out of the sock faster than the other teams. And it's harder than you think! There are common household objects inside but trying to find with your fingers at speed is not as easy as it sounds! We had a group from 4 years old to 68 and all loved it.

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Great family game!

Played this over Christmas and had a right laugh. We're all fairly competitive and this was the perfect game to play. There were no arguments as it was literally who could pull the item out first! There are four spare spots so we've added in some of our own items so that it feels like our own family game! Cannot recommend highly enough!

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Really fun game!

This is one of the best games ever. Suitable for all ages. I have gifted this game to four friends and family and they all love it.

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