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The Sock Game 


The Ultimate Race in a Sock - £20

  • FUN FAMILY GAME: Thirty unusual objects are hidden inside a giant sock. Using only your sense of touch, can you find the right one in time? The hilarious dexterity game that's perfect for families or parties.

  • SPIN AND RACE: The rules are very simple! Spin the spinner to find out what item you’re looking for. Race into the sock to find the item! First team to find 11 wins!

  • CUSTOMISE YOUR GAME: Make your Sock Game unique to your family with the customisable board. With 4 blank spaces available on the board, you can write in the name of objects in your house, then throw them into each sock.

The Sock Game is a fun family game for kids aged 8+. For 2+ players or teams. Race to find the objects in your sock! 

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